ACP Met Website

The ACP Met website was established to give our catchment farmers access to weather data generated from seven met stations in our catchment areas. Data is transferred from each met station every hour to the website where  hourly mean and total data is displayed for  Rainfall, Air Temperature, Soil Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Potential Evapotranspiration.

Data for up to the previous ninety days is available for each catchment station. This data can be downloaded in csv (comma-separated values) format which can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Parameter Details





Total rainfall recorded in millimetres

Air Temperature

Average air temperature and is recorded in degrees celsius

Soil Temperature

Average soil temperature and is recorded at a single location at 10 centimetres depth in degree celsius.

Wind Speed

Average wind speed and is displayed in kilometers per hour.

Potential Evapotranspiration 

This is the amount of water that could be transferred from soil to the air by evaporation from the soil (and other surfaces) and by transpiration from plants,  where there is complete crop cover and no shortage of water. It is calculated from recorded Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Solar Radiation and Wind Speed using the Penman–Monteith equation. It is recorded as Total Evapotranspiration in millimetres.

Wind Direction

Average wind direction and is recorded in degrees. The Arrow is pointing in the direction the wind is coming from.


Other Information Displayed

Weather Warnings 

Weather warnings applicable to Ireland are displayed on the home page via Met Eireann when they are issued. If no warnings are issued nothing is visible. The appropriate warning colour (Yellow,Orange,Red) will be displayed in the triangle warning icon beside the warning button. Each station page displays the weather wanrings appropriate to each county/province. Details included in the warning text include  valid from -until date/time, Issued from day/time and  updated day/time.

Current Farming Remarks

These remarks are general information for Ireland via Met Eireann  displayed on the home page and station page. These are not location specific and  are updated daily by Met Eireann.

Weather Forecasts

The weather forecasts  displayed on each station page are location specific  via Met Eireann. They include Time, Type, Temperature, Wind and Rainfall information.